The vision for livable cities demands a clean, convenient, and congestion-free transportation system.

Shared mobilityis a transportation strategy that is continually evolving and re-shaping the next generation of mobility. It is green, improves accessibility, and is the solution to urban congestion.

Shared Employee Transportation

With a single-vehicle replacing up to 3 or more vehicles on the road, shared employee rides ease traffic gridlocks, limit carbon emissions and employee stress.

Sustainable shared mobility is the future of transport. But, it is also a present-day solution for the workforce, who constitute nearly 40% of the total Indian population, daunted by the daily commute experience.

Besides its social and environmental benefits, shared mobility has the potential for a transformative impact on the corporate transportation process. At an enterprise level, shared mobility relies on IoT technology to keep employees and transport teams connected.

IoT device connectivity is in turn, driving transport automation. SaaS-based ERP solutions when optimized effectively, offer twin benefits enhances mobility experience and improves business performance.

Here how a SaaS Transportation Management System (TMS) reforms your organization employee transport function:

Ensures Efficiency, Accuracy, and Speed by

Image result for sequence icons Streamlining the transport workflow process and boosting productivity

Image result for sequence icons Reducing redundancy of steps in route planning

Image result for sequence icons Plugging wastages of no-shows with optimal capacity vehicle deployment

Image result for sequence icons Eliminating manual errors in billing and ensuring faster TAT

Image result for sequence icons Improving asset utilization and promoting fair business allocation

Image result for sequence icons Boosting cost-efficiency at each step

Brings in Traceability and Security with 

Image result for sequence icons  Real-time visibility into the function and improved control

Image result for sequence icons Data collection, processing, and analytics of trip data feeds

Image result for sequence icons   Electronic trip-sheets for transparency in trip execution

Image result for sequence icons Compliance management for risk mitigation

Powers smart business decisions with improved information quality and real-time analytics that help a company bottom line

Architects systems for scale with the flexibility to expand and downsize operations.

According to a survey by IRU, the world road transport organization, one in three, i.e. 33% transport companies believe that improving safety is the biggest innovation opportunity, while only one in five cite automation.

Passenger Experience

Lack of safe workplaces in India and the danger of reaching them by public transport is keeping more educated women out of the labor force, hurting the economy and leaving women vulnerable.

-Thomson Reuters Foundation


IoT MoveinSync

To address this, Automotive Industry Standard (AIS 140) mandates a vehicle tracking device and an emergency button in all existing and new public service vehicles in India.”

Real-time latency-free data from connected devices is fundamental to improving safety and commuter experience.

Live tracking, sensors that alert hazards, co-commuter details, and personalized travel information need a technology ecosystem for developing an ethos where employees feel at ease during transit.

A Shared Future are you ready?

Shared mobility is playing a transformative role in urban design, planning, and policy-making efforts.

Advancements in smart transport infrastructure indicate a convergence of public transit and corporate transportation into multimodal shared mobility. This comprehensive framework connecting vehicles, transit, and infrastructure, will assure an accessible, sustainable, and safe transport future of all of us.

However, this demands a mass transition to shared mobility.

Is India Inc. equipped for change?

Move-in-Sync, catalyzing a shared mobility future

Move-in-Sync has been reforming employee transport with digital automation since 2010.

Central to Move-in-Sync portfolio is the industry-leading transport automation platform, ETS*. This configurable solution acts as a central control point for transport operations and offers unrivalled scalability and end-to-end visibility, all, on a modern unified interface.

ETS powers shared mobility while staying compliant to regulatory and industry best practices and mitigating risk.

In sync with the global mobility revolution, technological innovations at Move-in-Sync are prioritizing a sustainable future for people (workforce at large).

*MoveinSync flagship SaaS platform

Authored by:
G. Visweswaran, Vice President Customer Success

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