As employees return to the office, our commute business is gaining traction. With employee experience as the primary motive, we have decided to unify our products under one umbrella – MoveInSync. Read this blog to understand what we bring to the table with our updated brand.  


MoveInSync as a company was soaring high. By the end of 2019, we were the world’s largest employee commute and space management platform. We grew 15% year-on-year, and our commute solution, ETS, was popular with the users. 

MoveInSync had over 350K users. The app has a 4.5-star rating with 500,000 downloads on Play Store and App Store. There was no second-guessing that it was an employee favorite. 

However, with the pandemic, everything changed. Employees were forced to work from home, which reduced our commute business by 97%. 

But this was also when our space management platform, WorkInSync, started experiencing great success. Our app found takers across 20 countries. And with us focusing our energies and investment on the product, it was soon in the top ranks of the best space management software. 

We quickly became the highest-rated software in the space management category on software review platforms like G2 and Gartner. We also won several accolades, including G2’s “Best Space Management Software 2022.”

Nevertheless, with the pandemic becoming a thing of the past, some semblance of normalcy was returning to our lives. Amidst this, people have started realizing the benefits of flexible workplaces. With employees returning to the office, we understood that our two products are complimentary. 

This inspired us to get back to the drawing board. We wanted to understand how to serve our customers and at large, our users better. Thus, this plan to unify our products under one umbrella. 

We have created a brand that focuses on improving employee experience – from door to desktop. 


Be it to book a cab or shuttle, a parking spot when driving to the office, or even to book desks and conference rooms, MoveInSync ensures that employees have it all in one app.

ETS – 

Employee commute solution 

Employee Transport Solution (ETS) is an end-to-end SaaS solution that automates your employee office commute, reduces transport costs and risks, and increases employee satisfaction. It includes features such as scheduling, routing, tracking, billing, safety, security, compliance, and reports.


Shuttle – 

MoveInSync Shuttle 

MoveInSync Shuttle is an end-to-end SaaS solution that enables you to run high-capacity buses and shuttles along fixed routes. It includes booking, live tracking, compliance, and billing features.



MoveInSync Rentlz

Rentlz is a SaaS solution that seamlessly lets you manage your corporate car rentals. Be it airport transfers or client visits, allow your employees to request a cab from your partners. Features such as live tracking, billing, and integrated payment gateways give you complete visibility of your transport operations, further letting you reduce costs.


WorkInSync – 


WorkInSync is space management software for flexible workplaces. It includes desk booking, employee scheduling, meeting room management, parking management, visitor management, and wayfinding. 



Get to work

GetToWork offers bespoke end-to-end multi-modal employee transport solutions for your enterprise. This includes our proprietary Saas technology, fleet supply, on-ground operations, and a centralized command center.

With all of these changes, it is only obvious that you are wondering how they impact you. Well, we want to assure you that nothing has changed as such. It is just our branding that changes. Our efforts and commitment to each product remain the same or even better. 

Whether individually or collectively, you get our products as you need them. Our dedication is better, and we are more motivated. 

MoveInSync, as a brand, has been committed to its customers for 13 years. Our integrity is known to all. Our commitment to the employee experience is celebrated. By bringing our products together under one brand, we look forward to serving you better.

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