Thank you for making us the highest rated app!

MoveInSync Mobile Application records another milestone.

Over 500,000 downloads!

5X more than competition!

Highest App Rating of 4.1

Over 25,000 Reviews

Now, it’s very interesting to see how we got here!

We aimed for a 5-star User Experience!

  1. We Understood and Built.
The MoveInSync app has all possible features employees may need before, during and after their trip.
  • Live Tracking,
  • Real Time Updates,
  • Co-passenger Status,
  • Call Driver/THD, and
  • Feedback.

They have it all!

We connected employee and driver apps to improve information quality. The results surprised us too!

Employees now experience latency-free tracking, right on their fingertips.


2. We Listen and Act.

We thank our active users for trusting us. They shared their feedback on the app, spoke to us in town halls and even wrote in to the CEO.We did not just hear.We analyzed and used over 5 million feedback in 5 yearsfor improvements.

Feedback continues to drive technological excellence at MoveInSync.

3. We Value Safety As Much As You.

Number masking between driver and employee calls, alert for each deviation, SOS alarm, and safe-reach confirmation. We have employees covered right from start to end.

Employee safety is paramount to MoveInSync. We adopted from NASSCOM, collaborated with security teams of our clients and built features that ensure employees don’t just travel safe but also feelsafe.

40% of our users are women. 9.5 million times, women working in night shifts were dropped back home safely in 2018.

4. Inclusivity, it’s a Win-Win

Employee experienceis directly correlated to Driver experience. 

We have come to value our drivers as partners. We train them to leverage our technology on their driver app. Connected, the employee and driver apps equally benefit both.

Drivers get paid correctly and on time. Employees get accurate information.

Together, we are building customer success stories. 

Corporate Commute. Employee Satisfaction First.

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