The World Comes backs to order with a New Normal: Resume your work from the office safely!

It has been nearly 70 days since India COVID lockdown came into effect. It is the 5th phase of the lockdown, or shall we say Unlock 1.0, and the government has eased most of the restrictions and have allowed organizations to resume daily operations. However, planning and managing the return of our employees while keeping their safety in mind can be a challenge.

Ensuring that different health standards are maintained can be a handful to manage. But, it is our responsibility to make sure that our employees are brought back safely. These are some steps you should take to guarantee the safety of your employees:

Maintaining Social Distancing protocols

Ensuring a safe and hygienic commute

Establishing a safe workspace on office premises

It is safe to say that bringing back your employees to the office post the lockdown may seem challenging. But with the right set of tools, it can be both easy and safe. Unless of course, you have the right kind of tools to work with.

MoveInSync has developed a Work-From-Office suite of products. The WFO suite will include a bundle of SaaS products to help you manage your employee work-from-office lifecycles and ensure their safety.

What does MoveInSync’s WFO suite offer?

This first-of-its-kind suite of products will help you face every challenge you may face bringing your employees back to the office during these difficult times. Now you can get a bird eye view on who can be brought back, manage social distancing in the workspace, ensuring mask compliance efficiently. Here are some of the tools the WFO suite offers:

1. Zone detection: MoveInSync maintains a repository of all the COVID zones in over 20 cities across the country. This repository is updated regularly as per the announcements made by the Government. So, you can simply bulk upload your employee details in the tool and easily segregate them based on the zones they are traveling from. You can avoid the tedious exercise of identifying and preventing employees from traveling from red zones with this feature.

2. Self-declaration: With this feature, employees can provide details such as age, health conditions, exposure to COVID positive individuals, and location to the companies. The relevant teams can hence get a holistic view on each employee and identify those who are safe to come to the office. Making the scheduling of office visits for employees a transparent and easily manageable task.

3. Digi Pass: MoveInSync has developed a DigiPass feature which will include a QR code-based Digital Office Gate pass that can be issued to the employees who are scheduled to come to the office. This will ensure that only the employees scheduled for that day can enter office premises. This Digital Gate pass will also act as an employee attendance register. Thus helping you operate with restricted capacity and stay compliant with government mandates that are in place.

4. Mask detection: The government has made it clear that face masks are essential for safety during these times. With MoveInSync’s App, employees can be asked to provide mask scan compliance during their scheduled WFO days. It works the same ways in the driver’s app for the drivers as well. If anyone is non-compliant an alarm will be triggered in the central dashboard as well as the user’s mobile phones..

5. Office Floor Occupancy monitor: Social distancing is the best way to fight this pandemic. Now that the lockdown is slowly being lifted, it is up to us to ensure that social-distancing is maintained within our office space. With MoveInSync’s web-app, you can now track the floor-wise occupancy rate in each office shift on the same dashboard.

MoveInSync’s WFO suite also brings with it a variety of other features such as a centralised Communication Console, Business Intelligence Dashboard, Meeting room, and Cafeteria booking as well.

Of course, maintaining health-standards are important, but now more than ever being financially thrifty is vital for businesses. Which is why, as part of our Give-Back initiative, MoveinSync is offering the WFO suite for free for the coming 6 months.

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