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MoveInSync | Employee commute platform
MoveInSync | Space management solution
MoveInSync | Enhance workplace management

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WorkInSync is a SaaS solution that enables organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and empowers employees with the freedom to work anywhere, at any time.

Employees can schedule their visits to the office to collaborate better with their colleagues. They can reserve desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces in the office. An interactive floor plan gives employees a complete view of the office, and with digital wayfinding, they can navigate through the office with ease.

A holistic dashboard allows admins to manage everything from desks to meeting rooms, parking spaces to visitor check-ins.
Easy-to-access reports enable them to optimize space utilization.

WorkInSync seamlessly integrates with platforms such as Microsoft 365, MS Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, and multiple HR management systems, making it easy to sync with existing workflows.

With WorkInSync, you can improve productivity and efficiency, optimize office space, and provide employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere.

One app for all your flexible workplace needs

WorkInSync provides a unified platform to manage your workplace, including desks, rooms, visitors, the cafeteria,
and more.

WorkInSync is available on the web, in native Android and iOS apps, and on Microsoft Teams and Slack, making it easy for employees to adopt and use.

WorkInSync integrates seamlessly with active directories, HRMS systems, SSO, and other software and hardware tools within the organizations existing workflows.

WorkInSync comes equipped with analytics and insights to track workplace utilization. It also helps improve the productivity and efficiency of both employees and workplaces.


How WorkInSync helps
your organization

  1. Improve space utilization
  2. Optimize real estate costs

How WorkInSync helps
your employees

  1. Improve collaborations
  2. Schedule workplace resources

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