Employee commuting has always been challenging in the Philippines. This has prompted multiple companies in the country to look for employee transport solution. Such solutions are designed to allow employees commute with ease. While the market as a quite a few options available, which one is ahead of its competitors?

Employee transport solutions are becoming increasingly important for businesses in the Philippines. More than 80% of the population in Metro Manila rely on public transport, which often lacks end-to-end connectivity and is prone to delays and breakdowns. Consequently, most companies are struggling to bring their employees back to the office.

The recent pandemic and social distancing norms have only made the situation worse. As per a report, around 72% of Filipinos find it difficult to commute to work due to passenger capacity restrictions in public transport. As a result, companies are struggling to bring employees back to the office.

Additionally, a shift towards private transport is unlikely to happen, leaving businesses with the option of employee transport services. However, without the right tools, transport managers may struggle to meet the demands of their employees. This is where employee transport solutions come in. It automates processes such as ride booking, routing, and billing to make the commute process easier and more efficient.

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With an industry leader like MoveInSync, you do not need to look anywhere else for an employee transport. Offering a plethora of features that help you manage your commute, MoveInSync is the best employee transport solution in the Philippines.

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MoveInSync tops the list of best employee transport platforms for businesses operating in the Philippines. The MoveInSync employee transport systems are an end-to-end SaaS platform that automates your employees office commute. This includes everything from scheduling and routing to reporting and billing.

MoveInSync employee transport solution comes with a smartphone app which makes self-scheduling much easier. With single sign-in, employees can schedule their commute themselves. They can add their pickup drop points, preferred time, and much more. They can also track the location of the cabs.

As for transportation admins or managers, they can schedule rides on behalf of the employees. They can also modify schedules and cancel them in case of no-shows. MoveInSync employee transport solution also provides a separate app for drivers, so your entire commute management is fully digital.

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With MoveInSync employee transport solution, you do not need to send emails or text messages for ride schedules. Instead, you get to use the dedicated message portal to broadcast messages. To ensure only relevant people get details of rides, you can use different filters like team, job title, date, etc..

employee transport solution

MoveInSync employee transport solution uses data to create the best routes for employee commutes. It uses real-time trip data, vendor commitment, and even employee feedback. This ensures that your employees are sure to have a better commute experience with each ride they take.

You also get a security dashboard to track vehicle stoppages, geofence violations, over-speeding, and more from one screen.

Reporting and billing are also made easier with MoveInSync employee transport solution. Whether seat usage reports, driver compliance, or on-time arrival, you have more than 50 customizable reports. Besides, billing is entirely automated, and you get more than 800 audit-friendly configurations.

While MoveInSync has garnered good reputation throughout the years, there are a few other players in the market as well. Here is a summary of the other employee transport solution available in the Philippines.

1. SWAT Mobility Employee Transport Solution

SWAT Mobility is a smart-mobility company that offers on-demand ride-sharing, urban mobility, and last-mile logistic services. SWAT Mobility employee transport solution runs on its proprietary algorithm to enable direct commutes to and from workplaces.

2. iFly Staff and Corporate Travel Management

What if your employees need to fly to different cities or out of the Philippines? If your employees frequently fly to other cities and countries for meetings or vacations, you should check out iFly.

iFly is a SaaS solution that provides air travel management software exclusively to air carriers for their staff and corporate partners. It offers two unique solutions iFly Staff and iFly Corporate Travel Management.

Overall, employee transport solutions are a valuable tool for businesses in the Philippines looking to improve their employee commute experience and increase efficiency. By automating processes and offering a variety of features and benefits, employee transport solutions like MoveInSync can help companies effectively manage their employee transportation needs.

MoveInSync has been undisputed when it comes to providing employee transport solution. Present in 20+ countries, MoveInSync stands out with features like self- and bulk scheduling, automated routing, custom reporting, and billing.

Being a SaaS solution, MoveInSync is easy to implement and scale as your fleet increases in numbers. Moreover, it is accessible on a wide range of devices using desktop and mobile views. Also, features like a centralized dashboard, communication portal, and driver app make managing your entire employee commute easier.

Also, the employee transport management system is just one of many corporate commute management software from MoveInSync. Whether cabs, share shuttles, or rentals for ad hoc bookings and airport transfers, MoveInSync has solutions to each of these needs.

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