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Every day, we process 500 million location updates and 30TB of events data to effectively empower the 42,000 cabs on our platform to travel 2 million kilometers and complete 100,000 trips.

With a mission that goes beyond efficiency, we are focusing on creating a sustainable future for our cities. We are revolutionizing the transportation industry by seamlessly integrating technology to solve real-world problems. Our bits and atoms combine seamlessly to provide reliable, safe, and sustainable transportation options for everyone.

Join us in creating a world where sustainable commuting is a
hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all. Be a part of a movement that is redefining the way we commute while shaping the future of our planet.

Together, we can make a real impact

Values that define us

Fire in the belly

We never wait to be asked or told, but identify what needs to be done

Passion for customers

We proactively and consistently strive to delight our customers

Make a big difference

We believe in setting ambitious goals and seeking challenges


We are sensitive to ethics and are open and honest in all our dealings

Wow team

We build relationships with trust, empathy, and mutual cooperation

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View our gallery

A word from our team

A word from our team

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  • Customer Success
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Facility & Admin
  • HR



Bengaluru (HSR Layout), 1-3 years

Video Editor

Bengaluru (HSR Layout), 2-4 years

Presentation Designer

Bengaluru (HSR Layout), 2-4 years

Customer Success


Bengaluru, Fresher

Manager Implementation

Delhi, 6-12 years

Business Analyst    

Bengaluru, Fresher

Business Analyst  

Bengaluru, 1 years

Customer Success – Associate Manager

Pune and Hyderabad, 3-5 years

Customer Success – Manager

Pune and Hyderabad, 6-8 years


Sr. Manager – Risk and Compliance

Bengaluru, 4-8 years

Quality Analyst

Bengaluru, 3-6 years

Associate Program Manager

Bengaluru, 3-7 years

Assistant Manager – Billing Operations

Bengaluru, 4-10 years


Presales Manager

Bengaluru, 3-6 years


Senior DevOps Engineer

Bengaluru, 4-7 years

Mobile App Tester

Bengaluru, 3+ years

Senior Android Developer

Bengaluru, 6-9 years

GRC Analyst ( IT Auditor)

Bengaluru, 2-6 years

Senior iOS Developer

Bengaluru, 3-8 years

Senior Backend Developer

Bengaluru, 6+ Years


Associate Manager

Bengaluru, 2-4 years


AM – Solutioning Consultant

Bengaluru, 3-7 years

Facility & Admin


Bengaluru, 1+ years


HR Executive – Onboarding and BGV

Bengaluru, 2-5 years