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Our innovative Safety and Security Module offers unparalleled safety features to address the concerns of employees during their commute. This powerful tool provides an array of safety measures that ensure better safety, visibility, and incident management.

MoveInSync’s dedicated safety dashboard provides real-time alerts for 12 types of security incidents, including SOS, vehicle stoppage, and overspeeding. The app also has an SOS option for employees. These allow the security team to identify and respond to potential safety issues quickly and efficiently.

It offers several unique features for women safety, including the option to manage marshall trips and male buddies. The module offers a confirmation feature through IVR and app, ensuring that your women employees have reached their destination safely.

The incident management feature enables users to document, track, and take action on any incidents that occur during the commute. This workflow can be customized as per the organization’s needs, streamlining the incident management process.

Emergency SOS button to ensure safe commute for employees.

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