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MoveInSync Ion’s Workplace offering enables organizations to establish flexible workplaces and empowers employees with the freedom to work anywhere, at any time.

Employees can schedule their visits to the office to collaborate better with their colleagues. They can reserve desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces in the office. An interactive floor plan gives employees a complete view of the office, and with digital wayfinding, they can navigate through the office with ease.

A holistic dashboard allows admins to manage everything from desks to meeting rooms, parking spaces to visitor check-ins.
Easy-to-access reports enable them to optimize space utilization.

The workplace offering seamlessly integrates with platforms such as Microsoft 365, MS Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, and multiple HR management systems, making it easy to sync with existing workflows.

With our workplace offering, improve productivity and efficiency, optimize office space, and provide employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere.

One app for all your flexible workplace needs

With the desk booking module, manage office desks in hybrid workplaces with ease. Admins can create neighborhoods for different teams, block hot desks, and more with this module.

Employee Transport Management System - Fixed Shuttle

The meeting room management module allows employees to book meetings with Outlook & Google Calendar using our smart integration.


The visitor management module allows organizations to manage visitors & supercharge the front desk.

Employee Transport Management System Parking

With the meal management module, companies can reduce food wastage, track meal requirements, and manage food vendors seamlessly.

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