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MoveInSync One is India’s largest fleet management solution that manages the fleet to ensure a safe and smooth daily employee commute for enterprises.

Commuters using tech for end-to-end navigation and communication solutions

What is MoveInSync One?

MoveInSync One is a fleet management solution for enterprises. Ensuring 100% fleet fulfillment, our comprehensive fleet comprises cabs, EVs, shuttles, and buses.

Our extensive fleet is seamlessly integrated with our state-of-the-art technology and top-notch operational delivery. This ensures that we provide an unparalleled commute experience for our clients.


Fleet Management was Never This Easy

Our diverse fleet ensures that you can customize employee transportation to suit your organization's needs. With over 5800+ vehicles, including 500 EVs, we prioritize reliability, safety, and sustainability.


Sedan, Hatchback, Electric Vehicles, SUV and MUV


12 seaters or 17 seaters Tempo Travellers


22 seaters to 50 seaters Buses

We excel in fleet management. It is not a promise.
It is a guarantee.

MoveInSync One: Making Every Aspect of Employee Commute Hassle-free

We Take Care of Our Drivers & Fleet Partners

"MoveInSync is prompt on Payments & their technology has also reduced Manpower. Their operational volumes are quite large with respect to other aggregators in the market and I also see growing myself in other geographics."

- Bombay Logistics

"Got business opportunity at 2 large 1 IT company throuth MoveInSync. MoveInSync has also helped with advance payments during the Pendemic and invoice discounts"

- Vahan Mobility Services

"Started 7-8 years back with MoveInSync in Bangalore, also expended operatins in chennai now. Billing transparency and no issue in payment terms"

- Basavershware Tours & Travels

"MoveInSync gave me an opportunity to start with 15 vehicles in 2019 and have slowly grown to manage 200 cabs. MoveInSync keeps their promises and are very friendly"

- Anvi Travels Solutions

We Take Care of Our Drivers & Fleet Partners

MoveInSync One: Fleet Management & More

MoveInSync One : Manage Your Employee Commute, All in One Place

MoveInSync One : A Platform for All


How MoveInSync One
helps your organization?

  1. Peace of mind by outsourcing your entire commute operations
  2. Tailored fleet to match your organization’s requirements
  3. Reduced risks associated with commute
  4. Improved sustainability to meet ESG goals

How MoveInSync
One helps your employees?

  1. Improved commute experience
  2. Enhanced safety and security

How ETS helps
your organization

  1. Improved sustainability to meet ESG goals
  2. Transparency into commute operations
  3. Optimized costs
  4. Reduced risks associated with commute
  5. Improving employee satisfaction

How ETS helps
your employees

  1. Improved commute experience
  2. Enhanced safety and security

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoveInSync One?

MoveInSync One is the biggest transport as a service provider in India. With a commitment to ensuring employee commutes are reliable, safe, and sustainable, MoveInSync One brings unmatched expertise to simplify employee commute management.

Our fleet management solution oversees every facet of employee transportation, encompassing planning, scheduling, vehicle tracking, and reporting. It guarantees effective coordination, streamlined routes, and a smooth experience for both employers and employees.

MoveInSync One is a comprehensive fleet management solution that seamlessly blends technology with a dependable fleet. Our committed teams ensure compliant drivers, secure transportation, and a stress-free experience for employees. Utilize real-time dashboards and reports to optimize your transport operations, allowing us to handle your employee transportation needs as a trusted fleet management solution.

A robust fleet management solution streamlines employee transport operations and enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Fleet management optimizes vehicle utilization, ensures timely maintenance, and promotes driver safety.

With comprehensive tracking capabilities, fleet management provides real-time insights, improving decision-making. Implementing a fleet management solution boosts overall productivity, reduces operational costs, and contributes to sustainable business practices.

Organizations should Invest in fleet management for unparalleled control, efficiency, and long-term success in managing valuable assets.

You can drop us a message here - https://moveinsync.com/contact-us/ or write to us at hello@moveinsync.com.

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