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Revolutionize employee’s transportation experience with MoveInSync’s Fixed Route Shuttle Offering.

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What is MoveInSync Ion’s Fixed Route Shuttle Offering?

Our fixed-route shuttle offering automates the running of high-capacity vehicles on fixed yet customizable routes. This offering enables organizations to ferry employees from nodal points to the offices.

MoveInSync's shuttle management software enables transport managers to effortlessly create and modify routes, stops, and shuttle timings, ensuring optimized commutes.

They can track no-shows and ultimately optimize shuttle utilization.

Employees can reserve view and reserve available seats in their office shuttles; as well as track shuttles in real time.

Let Employees Experience Commuting Excellence.

MoveInSync Ion: The Comprehensive Employee Transport Management System

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What Does Our Fixed Route Shuttle Offering Include?

MoveInSync’s Scheduling allows employees to view shuttles as well as check and reserve available seats on any route. Managers can also make bulk schedules easily.

Employee Transport Management System - Fixed Shuttle

MoveInSync's Routing helps transport managers to create fixed routes with ease. They can also optimize the routes periodically by analyzing employee usage patterns.

Employee Transport Management System Business Travel

MoveInSync's Billing module is customizable and can generate invoices with just one click. The auto-resolution feature reduces errors, ensuring accuracy with less manual work.

Employee Transport Management System Parking

MoveInSync's Safety provides real-time alerts are available for 12 safety issues like vehicle stoppage and speeding. The employee app comes with an SOS button for emergencies.

Employee Transport Management System Parking

MoveInSync's Compliance module ensures strict adherence to rules for vehicles and drivers. It blocks non-compliant vehicles and drivers and ensures regulatory compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shuttle Management Software?

Shuttle Management Software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize the operation of office shuttles. It encompasses features such as route planning, scheduling, booking, and real-time tracking, facilitating efficient management of transportation resources.

This software enhances overall employee commute, ensures timely pickups and drop-offs, and allows organizations to save costs. Ultimately, shuttle management software aims to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of shuttle services within an organization.

MoveInSync's Shuttle Management Software offers numerous advantages, facilitating the operation of high-capacity office shuttles while automating the entire process. By eliminating manual processes, the software enhances safety, particularly for female employees. It also optimizes costs by efficiently controlling wastage and streamlining processes.

Additionally, it addresses the global challenge of improving employee satisfaction during their daily commute in the context of shuttle transport.

The MoveInSync Shuttle Management Software is designed to cater to all. Employees with smartphones can view their bookings, track office shuttles, and book available seats.

Employees without smartphones get proximity-based SMSes with office shuttle location and ETA to the pickup point.