Even with hybrid work models implemented, employee commute remains an essential. While remote work offers flexibility, the past year has witnessed a gradual return to office spaces in a hybrid setting.

For many employees, particularly those in congested metropolises, the daily commute can be a long and stressful journey, whether they rely on their own vehicles or public transport. To address this pain point, companies are increasingly offering commuting services and solutions to their workforce.

But employee commute looks different for different countries. In the world’s most populous country India tech parks are growing at a massive rate. However, these parks are located in remote locations, making connectivity difficult. On the contrary, a country like South Africa has limited public transport options, pushing employees to look for alternative modes of transport.

The challenges, trends, policies, and more – we compiled all of this information in this white paper. Covering five regions – India, the Philippines, South Africa, Vietnam, and the Middle East, this white paper is everything you will ever need.

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employee commute

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