Special needs employees are marking a new segment for Corporate India. Women employees and
people with disability (PwD) are key to this segment of special needs employees. According to
World Bank, India is witnessing a fall in the number of women in the workforce, ranking the country
at 120th among 131 nations. Further, experts reckon that 10% of a country’s population is
considered to be PwD. While there will be limitations to their careers, organisations must strive to
attract this talent pool by making it a viable environment for people with special needs. Contributing
to these factors is the 3rd biggest cost centre for employers, known as employee transport, which
reduces the company’s cost by 15 to 20%.

Women in the workplace

India’s GDP growth rate can be boosted if women participation is increased, which is currently
reduced by 10%. Hence, with a host of benefits by organisations, women employees pursue the
corporate race with suitable work environments and flexibilities pre and post pregnancies. Employee
transportation is one area that has been driving the industry and keeping the workforce engaged
and committed. With a secure transportation system, women employees benefit with a well-
planned routing system and a comfortable ride under secure conditions.

People with disabilities (PwD) in the workforce

Conscious capitalism is pushing companies to look at opportunity driven individuals (ODIs) as an
important stakeholder. Known to have physical disabilities or other conditions like Down Syndrome,
Autism, disabilities in speech and hearing impairment, are being sought after by Corporate India.
Further, political experts have referred to PwD as people with extra ordinary capabilities. Now India
Inc. is discovering good business reasons to embrace PwDs. Apart from the dedication this segment
brings to the workplace with consistent performance, lower attrition, it is a key mandate that
companies seek to attract a better audience connect and brand value. Hence powering them with
user friendly employee transportation will lure this workforce.

MoveInSync resolving employee transport management for employees with special needs
A technologically structured scheduling system by MoveInSync enables companies to plan the
schedules to ensure these employees with special needs are safely placed with the use of an
app/browser to schedule their pick and drop. While pregnant women are offered sedans for their
safety, employees with documented medical conditions are also safeguarded. The real time tracking
mechanism and the SOS button are key safety features. All cabs and drivers are mandated to strictly
follow the routes specified. With MoveInSync comprehensive system, companies ensure that all
special needs employees are beneficiaries of this system.

The MoveInSync advantage

MoveInSync are market creators of employee transportation automation with over 60 clients among
which are 25 clients from Fortune 500 companies. The company is equipped to configure a diverse
number of gender specific needs, which includes expectant mothers, overweight employees,
employees with physical disability, aged employees as well as other medical issue related concerns
of employees. With a check on driving behaviour and several other parameters outlined to detail
the kind of special need requirement, MoveInSync is able apply routing rules to these special needs
employees. MoveInSync is committed to drive inclusivity and inspire companies to strengthen their
workforce with these special need employees.

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