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Digitize and optimize on-call commute management with MoveInSync’s Corporate Car Rental Offering. 

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What is MoveInSync’s Ion Corporate Car Rental Offering?

Our Corporate Car Rental offering ensures seamless management of business travels. Whether it's airport transfers or client visits, empower employees to request cabs from our trusted partners. Streamline and digitize workflows for efficient on-call commute management.

MoveInSync's Corporate Car Rental offering can create well-organized, role-based configurable workflows.

Employees can book rides through the mobile app or web effortlessly.

Transport managers can automate vendor assignments or manually assign preferred vendors. Multiple bookings can be efficiently allocated with a single click.

Live tracking of all trips can be availed on both the employee app and the central dashboard, accessible to transport managers.

Remove All Challenges That Come With Unorganized Business Travel.

MoveInSync Ion: The Comprehensive Employee Transport Management System

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What Does Our Corporate Car Rental Offering Include?

MoveInSync's Scheduling module ensures that employees can book a cab for their adhoc travel plans like airport transfers, local travels, and more. Transport managers can also create and manage bookings easily.

Employee Transport Management System Business Travel

MoveInSync's Billing module is customizable and can generate invoices with just one click. The auto-resolution feature reduces errors, ensuring accuracy with less manual work.

Employee Transport Management System Parking

MoveInSync's Safety module provides real-time alerts are available for 12 safety issues like vehicle stoppage and speeding. The employee app comes with an SOS button for emergencies.

Employee Transport Management System Parking

MoveInSync's Compliance module ensures strict adherence to rules for vehicles and drivers. It blocks non-compliant vehicles and drivers and ensures regulatory compliance.

A comprehensive solution for employees’ business travels

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of corporate travels is included in the solution?

Our corporate car travel offering encompasses airport transfers, local travel, business meeting transfers, and outstation commutes.

Our Corporate Car Rental offering streamlines cab rental operations with customizable booking policies, trip approval by managers, and automated billing, minimizing time spent on employee-vendor interactions.

The safety features include live tracking, real-time alerts, and an SOS option for emergencies. The solution also ensures a transparent activity trail, reducing billing errors and ensuring accurate payments.

Empowering employees, our Corporate Car Rental offering provides real-time cab booking and tracking, automated notifications, and seamless payment integration for an enhanced and efficient overall experience.