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Automate employee commute.
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Employee commute
Employee commute made comfortable
Employee commute made easy

Shuttle — Redefine
your daily commuting

MoveInSync’s Shuttle is an end-to-end SaaS solution that helps organizations reduce commute-related risks and increase employee satisfaction by revolutionizing high-capacity commute operations.

Our easy-to-use software empowers the transport team to create and edit routes and timings.

Employees can see the shuttle routes passing by their residences, view schedules, and book available seats. They can also track the ETA of their shuttle to the pick-up location.

Shuttle’s multiple modes of attendance capture QR code, OTP, and RFID tag, giving accurate insights into the occupancy of vehicles and optimality of routes.

Schedule a demo now and experience a smarter, more efficient way of managing commuting operations.

Experience the future of employee commute

Run high-capacity vehicles for your employees commute. Easily customize routes and booking policies for employees.

Get live tracking of all shuttle trips and real-time alerts on issues such as overspeeding or vehicle stoppage. Employees can raise SOS in case of emergencies.

Our seamless QR code-based check-in on shuttles gives you utilization insights on every route and trip, helping improve routes and optimize costs.

Enable employees to view shuttle schedules and book available seats, track live shuttle locations, and view ETA to the pick-up point.


How Shuttle helps
your organization

  1. Improved sustainability to meet ESG goals
  2. Transparency into commute operations
  3. Optimized costs
  4. Reduced risks associated with commute
  5. Improving employee satisfaction

How Shuttle helps
your employees

  1. Improved commute experience
  2. Enhanced safety and security

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