Singapore is a prosperous nation bustling with successful industries and booming businesses. The estimated total workforce in Singapore surpassed 3,643,000 people in 2022. And after the pandemic, countless companies shifted their base from Hong Kong and China to Singapore. The reason for this shift is a more relaxed COVID policy and better ease of doing business.

However, some challenges remain. Singapore’s inflation rates are high and it is not cost-effective to own a car. They also have to pay a hefty registration fee, GST, and excise duty.

This means that for many employees, public transport is the only viable option. As for their employers, they will need to pay their workers higher compensation packages if they want to retain them.

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Thankfully, there is a better way: office-provided transport through an employee transport management system. And thanks to technology like employee transport management system, providing your employees with comfortable and accessible rides is easier than ever.

What is an Employee Transport Management System?

An employee transport management system (ETM solution) is software designed to manage the end-to-end operations of your employee transport system. This encompasses a range of features like booking, scheduling, ride tracking, and various other capabilities to enhance the user experience.

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Let us now explore the best employee transport management system in Singapore.

The Best Employee Transport Management System in Singapore: MoveInSync

Bengaluru-based employee transport solution MoveInSync specializes in office-travel solutions across 30 countries. This easy-to-use software has over 350,000 satisfied users.

Whether you run a start-up or a large corporation, MoveInSync is easy to implement. It is a cloud-based SaaS that is reliable, secure, and scalable.

MoveInSync offers four different commute solutions – Home pickup and drop, Fixed route shuttle, Rentlz, and the end-to-end commute solution, MoveInSync One.

Over 250+ companies, including 70 Fortune 500 companies, trust MoveInSync to manage employee transport. But that is not all. The clients have witnessed a massive 10% decrease in overall cost, a 13% reduction in billed kilometres and a 30% reduction in the distance travelled as well.

Unlike other transport management systems on this list, MoveInSync not only helps companies reduce risk during a commute by automating it but also reduces costs by managing available resources better. Here is a better overview of the features we bundle with our software for your reference.


MoveInSync’s employee transport management software comes with an automated self-rostering feature that allows employees to schedule their trips. All employees need to do is sign in to initiate the bookings. Managers, in turn, can book vehicles in bulk for employees. And in case of cancellations, the dashboard is updated immediately to reduce no-shows.

Automated routing:

The employee transport system strives to ensure each employee trip is better than the next. It integrates trip data, employee feedback and vendor commitment data for route planning and route optimization. This increases the scheduling efficiency as well.


To enhance employee security, we follow paperless operations and allow number-masked calls when booking. Besides, our system allows real-time tracking of vehicles and employees to communicate quickly during emergencies like overspeeding, SOS, vehicle stoppage, geofence violation and more.

MoveInsync also ensures drivers undergo rigorous compliance checks and submit the mandatory documents. This further boosts employee security.

Billing and reporting dashboards :

The employee transport management system has a one-of-a-kind billing system that is audit-friendly. Managers can generate different reports based on cost, employees, cabs, vendors, etc.

Managers can view custom reports on-demand with Employee Transport Solution to better understand the tool’s usage. In addition, they can generate reports in over 50+ pre-installed formats.

Mobile app:

MoveInSync’s employee transport solution has a designated mobile app that you can simply download from the Play Store. They can use it to book seats, view vehicle and trip details, schedule or cancel trips, and even use safety buttons through the app if required. All of these features ensure a safe commute. Our app currently has over 500k downloads and thousands of satisfied users.

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Team manager module:

Team managers can manage employee transport via a single integrated dashboard. They can receive vehicle status, modify schedules and control every aspect of an employee’s commute. This reduces the need and dependency on a designated transport team.

Communication portal:

Managers can also communicate important updates regarding travel bookings on MoveInSync’s inbuilt messaging platform. They can send targeted messages to specific groups by applying filters like teams, job roles, dates, etc.

Invest In an Employee Transport Management System

With changing employee expectations, rising costs of travel, and high employee attrition rates, employee transport management software can make a difference in your workplace culture.

If you run a business in Singapore, this is truly the best time to upgrade your office transport system. Take the next step in creating a technology-driven, a fully-automated transport management system.

Are you ready to invest in an employee transport management system for your business? We recommend exploring MoveInSync. You can opt for a demo to learn more about the product and how it can help you.

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