In the corporate landscape, managing employee commute efficiently can come with significant challenges. One of the leading Indian IT companies reached out to us to improve their employee commute process. With 7,500 employees accessing the company-sponsored commute, manual management of the process was quickly becoming a headache for the transport team.

The Challenges Faced Before Implementing Our Employee Commute Solution

Shift-wise manual routing resulted in errors, including missed pick-ups and drops. Compliance concerns plagued the organization, as there were no measures to identify non-inducted and non-compliant vehicles and drivers. The lack of real-time vehicle tracking led to escalations and inefficiencies. Additionally, generating accurate reports and bills remained a significant challenge.

Enter MoveInSync Ion’s Employee Commute Solution

As a part of our employee transport management system, the employee commute solution is a game-changer in commute management. The results were transformative.

This case delves into the inspiring journey of an Indian Multinational Information Technology Services & Consulting Company that tackled these challenges head-on and revolutionized its commute management.

We have highlighted the details in this case study. Download it now to learn how we achieved this feat!

employee commute solution

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