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MoveInSync stands as the world’s largest employee commute platform, catering to over 300+ clients, including 70 Fortune 500 companies. It is trusted by more than 500,000 employees daily. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, MoveInSync has pioneered employee commute, changing the landscape since 2009 by providing reliable, safe, and sustainable solutions for enterprises.

We delved into our data, gathered from over a million employee trips across 300+ companies on the MoveInSync platform during the year, and compiled this report that encapsulates the journey of India’s commuters in 2023. 

With this report, you will discover the impact of hybrid work on employees, who spent 24% fewer days in the office, resulting in a 15% surge in commuting time.

Our exploration extends to other intriguing statistics, such as a 43% rise in female commuters and a staggering 70 million hours spent in MoveInSync vehicles.

employee commute

Traffic takes center stage, with a 14% increase in distance traveled and a 30% rise in vehicles contributing to congestion chaos. The report unveils the secrets of weekly office attendance, the post-work Friday ‘whine and dine’ tradition, and the best and worst times to brave the commute.

Learn the ABCs of what kept employees away from the office and added spice to their lives – from Bengaluru Bandhs to Chennai Cyclones.

Don’t miss the revelation of a super commuter in Chennai, clocking 27,221 kilometers – equivalent to a round trip from Bengaluru to San Francisco!

This year-end wrap promises a captivating exploration of India’s transformative commuting landscape in 2023.

We’ve successfully generated significant buzz with our report, earning coverage from The Economic Times. Explore the compelling data for yourself and join the excitement!

Download the report.

employee commute

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