Akash Maheshwari (Our CTO), Visweswaran Gowrisankaran (our CCO), Sukhminder Singh (PwC), Chandresh Natu (Cognizant), Vijay Haritash (Concentrix), Rohit Yadav (HCL)


9th February


Pride Plaza, Aerocity, New Delhi

February 9th marked the second convergence of ProdCon, a platform crafted by us to foster synchronization, innovation, and growth among our product builders and users.

In the chilly weather of New Delhi, the corporate transport community warmed the gathering with a rich tapestry of ideas, expertise, and shared experiences.

The event kicked off with immersive experiences at curated stalls, where the very essence of MoveInSync came to life. From eco-friendly green commuting to the intricacies of efficient parking management, every aspect showcased the innovation and dedication behind our platform.

A special acknowledgment to Preety Arora, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Events, for orchestrating an enchanting evening that left a lasting impression.

Center stage belonged to our CTO, Akash Maheshwari, who envisioned the future, shedding light on the growing trend of outsourcing employee commute management.

Engaging discussions on ‘Redefining Commute Billing’ and ‘Green Commute’ featured industry leaders, promising insightful explorations. Mohit Gaur, VP of Sales, skillfully moderated both sessions, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience for all attendees.

Sukhminder Singh, Executive Director of Business Services at PwC, emphasized the need for commute innovations in response to changing dynamics and traffic challenges.

Chandresh Natu, AVP, Procurement, Cognizant, highlighted the crucial role of employee experience in the evolving return-to-office landscape.

Noteworthy panelists included Vijay Haritash (Associate Director, Administration, Concentrix) and Rohit Yadav (Manager, HCL Technologies), contributing valuable perspectives to the discussions.

Virinchi Madanapalli, our Billing Module specialist, unraveled the intricacies of billing fraud in an insightful workshop, emphasizing the importance of rapid implementation and operational insights.

As we reflect on the success of ProdCon 2.0, we are excited about the future it has paved for MoveInSync. The innovative ideas, insightful discussions, and collaborative spirit showcased during the event have set the stage for future advancements and milestones.

Thank you to everyone who made ProdCon 2.0 a resounding success. Your participation and enthusiasm have contributed to the vibrant community that propels us forward.

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