Praveen Bakshi (Dell)
Seetharaman Venkataraman (Oracle)
Suresh Kotakonda
(Goldman Sachs)


12th December


Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road

​MoveInSync hosted its first-ever ProdCon, a platform for our product builders and users to Sync, Innovate, and Grow.

The focus of ProdCon 1.0 was billing forensics and automation. The event started off with guests interacting with our product builders at the different stalls we set up. Each of these stalls highlighted a different topic including green commuting and billing automation. The idea was simple – to allow our users to experience the vastness of MoveInSync.

Preety Arora, our Associate Director – Events & Partnerships and the host for the evening, gave the welcome address.

Taking center stage, Akash Maheshwari, our CTO and co-founder, articulated the vision behind ProdCon as a dynamic platform fostering unity between product builders and users.

Rishabh Maheshwari, our Associate Director, Product Consulting, orchestrated a panel discussion on the intricacies of diverse billing models across geographies. The resounding message echoed was the impactful shift in contract dynamics during the upheaval of COVID-19, influencing the complexity of billing modules across business landscapes.

Ujjwal Trivedi, the Sr. Director of Product Management led a workshop unveiling the nuances of billing fraud and equipping billing professionals to stay audit-ready daily.

An engaging Q&A for 30 minutes ensued, where our MoveInSync team of subject matter experts unraveled mysteries around billing challenges and showcased how the billing automation module addresses concerns about accuracy and configurability.

Concluding the session, we offered a glimpse into our company’s roadmap, sharing upcoming features that will soon enrich the MoveInSync experience. The festivities continued with a networking dinner, fostering connections between our product builders and valued product users.

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