In today’s workplace, employees are looking beyond just the job itself – they want to feel cared for and valued as individuals. Providing company sponsored commute is one such way to create a sense of well-being. That’s where an employee transport solution comes in, helping to create a sense of well-being and community among your workforce. Interested in learning more about the benefits of this software for your organization? Click here.

According to a survey by Gallup, 61% of employees want better personal well-being. 64% feel an increase in benefits is “very important” to them when seeking new jobs. 

With flexible workspaces, companies are now reconsidering their office strategy. Even with employees having to come to the office 2-3 days a week, the need to provide commute has become utmost. 

Surveys have suggested that the best place to start is with employee commute. Studies show that 23% of workers quit jobs because of bad commute. Historically, bad commute can cause stress, affect employee engagement, and disrupt their work-life balance.

One way for companies to improve employee commute is to integrate an employee transport management solution. This software can offer several benefits to your organization.

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Prospective employees choose to work at companies based on their current sustainability practices. In an IBM survey, 71% of job seekers said environmentally sustainable companies made them more attractive employers. 

By incorporating an employee transport management solution, you can start incorporating sustainable practices in your company and reduce your carbon footprint. Using an employee transport management solution, you can arrange a shuttle service to bring employees to the office. This will reduce the need for them to use their private vehicles and therefore carbon emissions. 

Additionally, you can provide cars for your employees using the software, which allows you to choose the shortest possible route to further reduce your carbon footprint.

For companies that have 24/7 work cycles and require employees to commute at odd hours, providing safe transport is critical. 

Most employee transport management software come with live tracking capabilities. This allows you to track employee locations live during their commutes and ensure their safety. 

The software also has alert buttons such as SOS, over speeding, and vehicle stoppage. This allows employees to alert facility managers of any problems during their commute and receive immediate assistance. 

Additionally, transport managers can specify commute boundaries on the app’s “geofencing” tab. If company vehicles cross these boundaries, they are immediately alerted to take necessary action. Lastly, facility managers can upload driver details to the employee transportation service. They can track and monitor compliance with company and traffic rules.

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An employee transport management solution can help companies optimize costs by monitoring and coordinating available vehicles with employee transport requests. The cost benefits are threefold. 

Firstly, it saves organizations staffing costs by managing tasks like matching employee schedules, planning shared-transport routes, and monitoring available vendors. This eliminates the need to hire for the job. 

Secondly, the software allows organizations to track kilometers travelled by vehicles and recognize cases where these can be better managed. For instance, if a vehicle takes a detour and increases commute time for others, the employee transport management solution will be able to recognize that. This can be useful when mapping efficient routing. It will also save fuel costs.

Lastly, it facilitates efficient fleet planning by coordinating between available vehicles and employee requests. Moreover, an employee transport management solution allows for effective vehicle occupancy and reduces transport fare.

An employee transport management software can boost your company’s brand image. When you offer employees the option of coming to the office via your company’s transport, they do not need to figure out how to get to work. Free transport also helps them save on everyday commute costs. 

Additionally, streamlining office commutes with an employee transport management solution ensures employees get to work on time. Furthermore, you can route your office vehicles to reduce commute time further.

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An employee transportation solution generates reports and data to help organizations function optimally. The software allows you to set scoring metrics to track vendor performance, compliance rate with rules, and passenger feedback. All of this visible on the employee transport management solution’s centralized dashboard. 

It can also furnish On-Time Arrival (OTA) and seat utilization reports. An employee transport management solution can provide customized reports based on the information you seek. 

Finally, the software’s smart billing function presents all data in an audit-friendly manner. This simplifies the tedious process of calculating payments to travel partners.

An employee transport management system is the need of the hour. Employee expectations are evolving to include health, safety, and work-life balance. In addition, companies must make changes to retain talent and their corporate image. With employee transport management solution, all of this is possible and more. 

MoveInSync is one of the leading employee commute solutions. With years of experience in commute management, MoveInSync is everything you need to streamline your efforts. From real time tracking and AI generated routing, automated billing to panic button, MoveInSync ensures hassle free commute experiences. 

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