Indian companies take the Driver seat as fear of Covid-19 spreads across the country

Before we begin talking about something that possibly is being recorded as one of the biggest phenomena in human history Covid-19, we would like to show something more interesting.

Looks like the growth curve of some hyper funded startup, doesnt it? It actually not.

We did a small search on Google trends about the term Distancing‚ and here what we got.

What social distancing though?

Wikipedia defines Social distancing as a set of nonpharmaceutical infection control actions intended to stop or slow down the spread of a contagious disease.

The contagious disease mentioned in the definition is none other than Covid-19 or popularly know as Coronavirus‚.

Though there are a lot of factors which enable social distancing, were here to talk only about one Offices.

As the Government adopts the measures for social distancing, authorities in major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, NCR have even issued advisory for companies to allow their employees to work from home.

The one question you would have: is anyone following these guidelines?

The answer is yes. Most of us are. Almost all of us are.

Take a look at the day by day gradual decrease in the number of employees traveling to their offices.

How do you read this chart?

Before we call out anything, the sudden increase in the number of professionals working from home on the 10th of March was a result of a holiday due to Holi.

The graph here shows a comparison of a particular day to that day average in the last month. Until 20th March, we see 52% of the total employees across India we used to ferry are now working from home.

The numbers were hovering around single digits last week and in no time, more than 50% of the employees have now opted for the work from home model. With other cities following up fast, Bangalore & Pune are contributing the highest to these numbers.

The stats get even more interesting with a state-wise breakup:

  • Pune & Bangalore get first in line to follow the guidelines with more than 63% of employees from our database working from home
  • Mumbai & Chennai follow suit with 58% 54% of the workforce working from home
  • Hyderabad & NCR are catching up with 41% and 39% respectively

Why should you believe us or in these stats?

125+ Enterprises from domains like IT, BFSI, Telecom, Retail, etc ferry their 350k+ employees in 24 cities across 3 countries clocking more than 10 million trips a month with MoveInSync. This makes us World largest office commute platform.

As you read this, more companies are adapting the work from home model for their employees and ensuring that social distancing is implemented in the best possible way. Were all in this together and well fight this out together.

Stay tuned. Stay safe. Stay home.

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