Is your Employee Transport department still buried under piles of trip sheets and invoices? Are your vendors dissatisfied with delayed payment terms and the management has no visibility into the billing and audit processes? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you require an end-to-end billing automation solution to make the employee transport billing process paperless, trackable, and transparent. This automation solution will digitize the process and present billing information in a transparent and auditable form for complete visibility.

Billing automation has particularly been one of the biggest pain points for employee transport  Most digitization efforts in this direction have been inefficient, due to various challenges.

The challenges:
  • The data for each employee trip is mostly on paper and is distributed across various stakeholders- transport team, vendors, drivers, and employees. The people responsible for the task have to manage piles of paper records, prone to manual errors.
  • Collecting, collating, and digitizing manual trip data for all employees is an astronomical task, without which auditing is nearly impossible. This could leave the process susceptible to fraud. Errors can also occur due to last-minute change of plans from employees or drivers end, which is hard to record and later trace.
  • In order to avoid errors and make the process robust, the transport admins add more rules which further increase the complexity and cost of the process.
  • It takes a lot of time and resources to reconcile data and achieve billing closures. It could take up to 3 months for organizations to pay their vendors.
  • Transport admin and vendors have no visibility into the process and in case of conflict, either the transport teams or vendors claim is accepted as final. This creates dissatisfaction and conflict amongst the stakeholders.
MoveInSync Billing Automation Solution

Our solution helps transport teams highlight inefficiencies in their current billing model, so they can transition smoothly to a simpler and more logical billing process that saves cost and effort.

How it benefits the billing process?

Highlights and cleans up data inconsistencies

Validates vendors and digitally generates accurate bills at a single click

Shortens billing cycles,

Reduces cost owing to simpler billing and invoicing,

Improves transparency and compliance in the process for all stakeholders, and

Prepares for 100% audit readiness

Here are the benefits of billing automation solution that is ideal for employee transport teams:


Digitization of the process ensures the accuracy of transactional data from various stakeholders which is very important as the software is only as effective as the data fed into it. For example, it is common for employees to mark attendance in multiple cabs when he/she is rostered for one cab but ends up actually traveling in another one. Manual audit, validation, and rectification of such data by the transport team would require a phenomenal amount of effort.


  • Identifying Inconsistencies: MoveInSyncs data cleanup module (ODC) is able to identify all such issues automatically. It highlights data inconsistencies for a manual audit.
  • Automatic resolution: The system uses advanced AI and ML algorithms which can be configured to take automatic action for regular discrepancies. It uses multiple data references for estimating missing or lost data. Our 10 years of experience in this field allows us to create accurate benchmarks and credible reference points.
  • Audit friendly: All changes made to the data either manually or by the system is readily available for auditing. The solution also allows transport admin to download a detailed report of all data rectified by the system or by users. Every change in data is logged and is tamper-proof.

Transport departments often create complicated billing processes for enhanced efficiencies which is an additional time and cost on the process. While it is most logical to base the trip cost on distance traveled and time spent, in the absence of technology, most companies have fixed packages that could be day-wise, month-wise, trip-wise or even per employee. On top of the base model, there are atypical rules for parameters like shifts, vehicles allocated, vehicles used, gender of traveler, physical disability status of traveler, changing fuel prices, toll, day of the week, month of the year etc. Hence, it is not surprising that employee transport billing process is understood by only a few people in every organization!

The MoveInSync billing solution promotes a simple and efficient billing process, but it can automate such highly complex billing systems. It leverages a highly configurable rule engine to allow configuring complex billing models and rules. It supports 800+ combinations of parameters, using which, we can support most of the prevalent billing rules, out of the box. For example, the rules configured can take care of parameters that are- driver-based, cab based, employee-based, flexible fuel rates, location of office, vehicle type etc., while also allowing for penalties and incentives in accordance with vendor terms.

The flexibility and configurability of  MoveInSync billing solution allows end-to-end automation of the process and helps achieve the much-coveted, one-click billing.


Since all the heavy lifting for the billing process is taken care of by the system, organizations can reallocate their resources to their core functions. This improves operational efficiency for our customers as they concentrate on more strategic processes while we take complete responsibility of their employee transport billing.

Billing as a Service: The MoveInSync Edge 

Accuracy up to 3 decimal places even for highly complex configurations

A lean team manages over 3 lac trips per month valued at 13 crores

The Impact we create for our customers

With our years of experience in automating transport billing, we have collected adequate data that provides valuable insights to help identify the inefficiencies in the billing models and helps devise a better-optimized process.

We have been able to:

  • Generate bill the same day as the trip, get vendors consent, reconcile data, resolve conflicts and close the entire process within 7 days, for our customers. This leads to happy vendors.
  • With this solution our customers were able to extract data inconsistencies (repetition, mapping) in their templates and fix them for good. Our solution eliminates 100% manual errors.The transport teams of our customers are better equipped in dealing with vendors in case of conflicting claims.
  • Since the module is highly configurable, the organizations are able to implement complex rules with ease.
  • The solution improves visibility into the billing process for all stakeholders.

Struggle no more, just reach out to MoveInSync for a demo.

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