Employee safety is of utmost importance to most organizations. Most organizations are relying on employee transport management software to ensure safer commute for their employees. Read this blog to learn how it can help maintain hygiene, prevent infections, avoid accidents, and reduce employee stress.

While many organizations resorted to remote work during the last two years, the receding threat of the pandemic has inspired many to bring their employees back to the office. 

For employees, this means that they need to gear up for their daily commute to the office once again. 

Unfortunately, office travel is stressful because of several factors. Think travel fare, traffic conditions, the fear of running late, and road safety. And now, employees have added health and safety concerns.  A survey of over 4000 remote employees found that 72% of participants were hesitant to return to the office due to commute safety concerns. 

But owing to technology, employees can put commute safety concerns to rest. Cloud-based employee transport management software has emerged as an excellent solution to this problem. 

It aims to provide scheduled transportation services to employees, ensuring seamless pick and drop along with minimum travel time. Companies can also control the transport services and ensure they are safe, sanitized, and compliant with COVID-19 health and safety measures with employee transport management software

Here are three ways in which employee transport management software ensures employee safety.

An employee transport management system is a cloud-based, intra-office transport management system. It helps make commuting easier for all employees who wish to come to the office. 

Employees can book rides exclusively for office use through an employee transport management software. They can schedule these rides stress-free and rest assured that they will reach their offices timely and safely.  

Employee transport management software provide employers with a single dashboard that helps them manage all aspects of employee commute, such as: 

  1. Sanitization, health, and compliance with safety measures
  2. Planning routes 
  3. Assigning pick-up and drop-off zones 
  4. Schedules and booking 
  5. Hiring and managing drivers 
  6. Billing and reimbursement 
  7. Overseeing fleet management, vehicle details, vehicle usage, etc. 

Read on to find out how employee transport management software can ensure safety.

#1 It Helps Employees Stay Safe From Viruses, Infections, And Health Hazards

Public transport, cabs, and ride-sharing services are convenient daily travel options for employees who cannot afford personal vehicles. However, they make employees vulnerable to potential infections. 

And the worst-case scenario? Without an employee transport management software they can get infected and unknowingly bring the virus into the office premises. This situation can potentially harm the safety of other employees. And if there is one lesson that the pandemic taught us, it is “prevention is better than cure.” 

An employee transport management software can help strengthen your security, especially when used alongside other measures like mask compliance, regular cab sanitization, and social distancing. 

#2 It Reduces The Stress of Commuting And Prevents Accidents

Relying on public transportation can be tricky, especially in a big city. Employees must align their schedules to the public transport timetables, navigate long routes, and move through crowds. And when your employees are running late, the frequent halts can be yet another source of anxiety. 

They also have to stay alert lest they should miss their stop. Besides, public transport is not always reliable! Sometimes, the 11 am bus may not arrive till 11:15 am or may stay stuck in traffic for 20 minutes.  

On the other hand, those who own personal vehicles are prone to make poor decisions while driving under pressure. For example, they may drive rashly in order to beat the traffic. This increases the chances of accidents, may lead to fines, and cause road rage. 

So, by the time your employees arrive at the office, they might be too stressed out. Fortunately employee transport management software can help.

Providing corporate employee transportation with employee transport management software can reduce commuting stress for your employees. Here is how: 

  1. First, it gives them peace of mind. They know when and where their ride will pick them up and drop them off. 
  2. Company-affiliated drivers will use the shortest route possible and not make any unnecessary stops. 
  3. Employees can take a break from driving their own vehicles and stressing out during the rush hour. Instead, they can spend the commute time relaxing and preparing for their day. 

#3 It Ensures Safety By Ride Tracking, SOS Notifications, & Driver Verification

All employers want their employees to be safe while commuting to and from the office. This is especially true in the case of women employees who stay a long distance away from the office and often work late. 

Employee transport management software help make commuting safer with features like: 

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Route navigation
  • Alarm systems like app-based SOS alarms and panic buttons
  • Phone number masking 
  • Female-only shared rides 
  • Setting up co-passenger preferences
  • Driver profile verification 

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Improves Productivity and Time Management

When your employees are constantly worried about planning and managing their commute, they find it hard to focus on work. A well-managed, optimized employee transport management software can reduce the hassle of finding a ride. This can further cut down commuting time for your employees. Then they can use this time to become more productive, relax, and commit themselves to the workday. 

An Incentive for New Employees

If your office offers transport services with employee transport management software to all employees, job-seekers are more likely to gravitate towards you. Remember that modern employees value convenience, workplace experience, and job satisfaction above all.

Employee transport management software helps your company provide a better work environment for your employees. It takes the burden of planning and managing their commute off their shoulders. They no longer need to worry about the risk of viruses, getting sick, or carrying infection with them into the office. No more driving rashly on busy mornings!

Women employees can work late, no matter how far they live from the office. They can always access company-provided transport, which is tracked, monitored and is run by well-vetted drivers. 

Besides, when employees do not need to worry about missing their train or waiting in traffic, they can be productive in the office. This also provides an excellent incentive, especially when looking for a workplace that offers them safety and convenience.

Try MoveInSync. 

MoveInSync was conceived with the idea of making the most of technology in the employee commute space. Today, it is one of the largest employee transport management software across the globe, trusted by hundreds of people for its safety, reliability, and efficiency. 

MoveInSync’s Employee Transport Solution (ETS) is an end-to-end SaaS platform that automates employee office commutes, reduces transport costs, eliminates risks, and boosts the employee satisfaction index. This easy-to-use tool has nifty features such as scheduling, routing, tracking, billing, management reports, and compliance.

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